[ENG] The Orange Book of Marketing (Second Edition) - Early Access

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The book is now available for early access through the release of an alpha edition. Readers who purchase the book in this period will guarantee the full edition when it is complete and will get new editions while it is developed.

Second Edition (October 4th 2023)

  • New Cover
  • New Title Page
  • Summary
  • Pagination
  • New Chapters:
    • VIII - The Golden Ratio
    • IX - Picasso's Napkin
    • X - Executive Artists

First Edition (August 3rd 2023)

  • Expect a reading with the core ideas behind the book, no summary, no pagination, and no technical details about the publication.
  • Expect seven chapters about creativity and the cultural context behind the transformative AI scenario we are currently living in. Get ready to forever unlock your creativity to a whole new level.
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Full Release Date
Est. 2024

The current price of $42 is subject to change after release of the final and revised edition.

Published by Editora Sentient in Brazil.
Text Copyright © 2023 by Editora Sentient
All rights reserved.

Distribution by Sentient LTDA in Brazil.
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Welcome to "The Orange Book of Marketing," a transformative journey that reveals the key to unlocking your marketing prowess: embracing your inner artist. In these pages, we redefine marketing as a canvas for creativity, empowering you to captivate hearts and minds. Explore the uncharted territories of your creative potential, infusing your campaigns with passion, authenticity, and resonance. Discover how every marketer has an artist within, waiting to be set free. Join us on this exhilarating adventure and unleash the boundless potential within "The Orange Book of Marketing."

Learn the Fundamentals Behind Authenticity

Dive into the concepts behind what is necessary to nurture a creative mind that harmoniously thinks of novelty.

Learn the Logic Behind Lateral and Creative Thinking

Dive into technical theories about creative logic that will help you nurture a healthy mind of novel conscious ideas.

Relearn Marketing While Developing Autonomy.

Prepare yourself for a technocentric future where AI will automate many different processes and spheres of society.

About the Author

Thiago Patriota

Thiago is a creative director with executive experience in marketing who finds in his vocation the opportunity to invent and lead. He sees communication as one of the most important spheres of society and, through it, seeks to bring inspiration and representation to the world. A self-taught designer, an advertising scholar, and a writer in his heart, Thiago is a creative professional who aims to dream up ambitious concepts and materialize realistic projects.

He has had the opportunity to create brands, websites, apps, and products for clients worldwide while executing with dedication, diligence in aesthetics, information architecture, and innovation.

On a personal level, he embraced writing as a tool of expression to wage a battle for culture, representation, and poetry.

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[ENG] The Orange Book of Marketing (Second Edition) - Early Access

3 ratings
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